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Enrolment Zone Consultation

Open For Public Consultation

We are currently working with the Ministry of Education to make an amendment to our enrolment scheme.

The proposed amendments include:

  • align the boundaries of Tisbury and Rimu Schools enrolment schemes. This will result in the following overlaps areas;
    • Mason Road east of Seaward Bush Reserve to Kennington Waimatua Road
    • Orr Road east to Tapper Road including Blondell Road.
    • 2 areas along Longbush South Road 
  • extension to the east to the boundary of the TEZ

The amendments are proposed as it was identified that these areas were not included in the home zone of any school, and our school was considered the most reasonably convenient.

Information about the proposed amendments can be found at https://consultation.education.govt.nz/education/enrolment-scheme-amendment-rimu-school including a map of the new extended areas. 

The Ministry is inviting comment about the changes – if you have any feedback please send your views to OtagoSouthland.EnrolmentSchemes@education.govt.nz  by 23 November 2021.