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We value working in partnership with you to support your child in their learning.  In Term 1 we hold our Learning Goal Setting Conferences, which is an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress and set goals.  You will be invited in for Student Led Conference at the end of Term 2.

Twice a year you will receive a written report which indicates how your child is achieving against the New Zealand Curriculum and National Standards criteria.   

Should you observe any change in your child's progress please ask for an opportunity to discuss your concern with your child's teacher, or the Principal. Staff are happy to meet with you at any convenient time to discuss your child's progress and development.

  • Meet the teacher meetings February.
  • Learning Goal Setting Conferences in term 1.
  • Written reports are sent home twice a year (end of term 2 and end of term 4).
  • Student Lead Learning Conferences are held at the end of term 2.

Interviews With Staff

There are many occasions when parents wish to approach staff members for information about a child's progress or school activities. Please phone the office, or contact staff directly and arrange an appointment to ensure the person is available.

Staff members welcome any enquiries and appreciate parents' concern and help around the school. Please feel free to approach the school at any time over any matter.  

Parent Involvement

Staff welcomes the involvement of parents in class and school activities. If you would like to be a parent helper, please discuss with your child’s teacher.