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Parent Information

Rimu School Vision

Mission Statement-Vision:

"Enriching Education with Country Values"

At Rimu Full Primary School we strive to support our learners to be mana motuhake (confident, independent, resilient, self-managing) tamariki who problem solve, notice, wonder, and question the world around them.  Our tamariki create, innovate and ako (collaborate together) within the context of our special rural environment, while learning to communicate with manaakitanga (respect) and aroha (care and empathy for others).  Our tamariki learn and develop through the influence of whanaungatanga - sense of belonging to our place.


Rimu School Values

We value…

  • Aroha - Care and empathy
  • Ako - Collaborating and learning together
  • Manaakitanga - Respect for ourselves, other people and our environment
  • Whanaungatanga - Working together to develop our sense of belonging to our community
  • Mana Motuhake - Being self managing and resilient

                                              Mural with Values