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If your child is to be absent, please send a message via the School App Hero, phone (03)230 4415 or email office@rimu.school.nz between 8.00am and 9.00am. Absences will be checked against the classroom list and parents of non-reported absences will be contacted. Where a child is absent for more than one day, it is important that the parents phone the school each morning of the absence or communicate with the school the dates their child/ren will be away.

Should it be necessary for a child to leave the school during the day, please ensure the class teacher is advised of this before the child leaves and please sign your child out at the office. 

Accidents and First Aid

From time to time children, unfortunately, sustain injuries in the course of their play. Minor injuries are treated in the sick bay and the child usually returns to class when it is certain there are no ill effects. When it is felt advisable, parents are contacted and requested to collect the child. This would be in the case of more serious injuries when perhaps a visit to a medical centre may be advised or when the child is obviously unwell through sickness and should be at home. The school's policy is to contact parents and advise them of any injuries sustained unless they are of a minor nature.

Medication is not given unless requested in writing by the parents. (Parents must supply any medication given.) Panadol is available at school, but parent approval must be gained before this is dispensed.

Please advise the school if your child has any serious allergic reactions.

Bringing Belongings to School

Children, for a variety of reasons, often want to bring belongings to school. No responsibility can be taken for items such as toys, radios, and other valuables being brought to school.


The school is serviced by Ritches for travel to and from school. Two circuits operate; the town run and the country run. The service is a user pays ticket system for the residents coming out from the Invercargill area. The Rimu country area is free of charge. The bus is solely a school service. Bus tickets, costing $20:00 for ten trips, are available from the bus driver. If you would like your child to travel by bus to and from school please contact the school office.

Home work/Home learning

At Rimu School home learning is seen as an important link between home and school, the parents and the teachers. Home learning helps parents to be aware of what their children are doing at school and how they are progressing.

Home learning also provides useful practise and reinforcement for skills the children have learnt.

Home learning is designed to reflect closely what children have been studying in class. However home learning is not to become a burden or chore that just has to be done; or something that becomes a nightly confrontation between children and parents. If either of these problems should arise please contact your child’s teacher so alternatives can be devised.

Leaving School

If your child arrives after the bell in the morning or has to leave school during the day for an appointment, please report to the office and fill in the arrival/departure book.


This facility gives children access to a large selection of books through class visits.

We use the children’s allocated class time to teach library skills, classification and selection of suitable books. Children are allowed a maximum of two books out at a time. If books are not returned in a reasonable timeframe and are not able to be located we will invoice parents for the books replacement cost.

Lost Clothing

All unclaimed belongings are in the lost property between Rātā and Miro classrooms.  Unclaimed clothing is disposed of to charities at the end of each term.

Anything that is named is returned promptly, so it would be appreciated if all clothing could be clearly named. Thank you!


Our Home & School run sausage sizzles most Fridays. These can be ordered at the office before school on a Friday.

You can also purchase Subway on the first Friday of each month – this is done through the subway webpage – selecting Rimu School in the Subway School Lunch Programme.


School newsletters are produced every second week and posted to the School App. The newsletter carries information you need to be aware of, as well as general items of news. 

There is a community newsletter published at the end of each term. 


Stationery packs are available for purchase through Qizzle: https://schoolpacks.co.nz/

Please select Rimu School and your child/s class.

School App

All school information is communicated to school families through our School App HERO.  Simply download the HERO app from Google Play or the Apple Store: Please use your email address you have registered with school to sign in.


School Apps - Turitea School

Sports Teams

The school has many sports teams. Information through the school app will inform you of the teams available and times etc. 


Children representing Rimu must wear the Rimu School uniform. A Rimu Polo shirt and black shorts. The Rimu polo shirts are available from http://www.uniformnz.com

Complaints Procedure

Rimu Full Primary School encourages open, honest communication that ensures problems are resolved in an amicable manner by all the parties involved.  All concerns and complaints should in the first instance, be dealt with by the parties concerned eg complaints against a staff member dealt with by the Principal and complaints against the Principal dealt with by the Board.  Please click on the links below to download our complaints process and procedure. 

Complaints Process

Complaints Procedure